George Cushnie
Mr. Cushnie has conducted numerous projects for private industry and government agencies that have involved the development of innovative process designs. The majority of his work has included an emphasis on pollution prevention through design modification, process substitution, other source control methods, and recycle technologies. His experience encompasses most metal finishing processes, including: hard and decorative chrome plating, other electroplating of metals, electroless plating, phosphating, brush plating, conversion coating, printed circuit board manufacturing, degreasing, and precision cleaning. He also is experienced with machining and painting processes. His prior experience includes employment by EPA's Effluent Guidelines Division, two engineering firms, and management of Chrome Applications Incorporated. He has authored or co-authored three books and served as a contributor/technical editor on two books.

Mr. Cushnie is an active member of the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society (AESF) where he serves as Vice Chairman of the Pollution Prevention Committee and a Member of the Research Board. He writes a monthly column in the AESF's Plating and Surface Finishing journal. Mr. Cushnie is an active volunteer in the Common Sense Initiative program for which he serves on the Metal Finishing Research and Technology Workgroup.

Mark Eelman
Mr. Eelman is responsible for the day-to-day management of projects involving the study, design, installation, and monitoring of industrial pollution prevention and control processes and technologies. These projects are mostly performed for the metal finishing industry and U.S. military. Mr. Eelman has developed training modules and provided instruction on the operation of metal recovery technologies. He has also worked extensively on an EPA subcontract for the development of effluent guidelines for the Metal Products and Machinery subcategory. Presently, he serves as the Webmaster for the National Metal finishing Resource Center and several other websites. Also, he serves as the key investigator on a project conducting a nation-wide survey of the printed circuit board industry

Mr. Eelman was previously employed as Operations Manager for a printed circuit board manufacturing company in New Jersey. In this position, he was responsible for the management of all production related activities and waste management.

Mr. Eelman has extensive computer programming and networking capabilities. He works routinely with the following programming languages: Cold Fusion, Java, Javascript and SQL.

Lisa Day Burbaugh
Lisa Day Burbaugh has served as the graphic artist for CAI Resources since July of 2001. She has designed and helped manage over 10 active websites, including redesign of the NMFRC. Her responsibilities include:

  • graphic design for web sites and brochures
  • webpage authoring
  • formatting documents for inclusion in compliance tools and technical directories
  • maintaining archives of listserve and Ask the Expert features
  • research relating to state regulatory tool content
  • hypertext link maintenance
  • exhibit booth design
  • online training module design

Lisa has over 25 years experience in the graphic arts field. She worked for the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society’s in-house art department for over 10 years. Lisa has extensive knowledge of the printing process. She organized the design, layout & pre-production of Plating & Surface Finishing, AESF’s monthly magazine. She was also responsible for design & layout of educational course materials. Promotion of 5 major conferences, including logos, brochures, newsletters, newspapers & catalogs. Scanning & retouching photos. She designed AESF’s website She also provided technical support and software instruction for AESF staff.

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